Skin care

A Professional Chemical Peel Treatment Can Surprise You!


The chemical skin peels have become highly popular treatment in the past few years as they cover a wide range of skin conditions from fine lines and wrinkles to pigmentation issues and from uneven skin tone and texture to acne and scarring. Chemical skin peel treatment acts as ‘reboot’ action for your skin enabling new and fresh skin to appear and make to the surface. A series of skin peels is required to treat the array of skin problems. There are many at-home skin peels available in the market but they only facilitate superficial skin peeling through simple exfoliation. The chemical peels performed by the expert and trained aestheticians or dermatologists in clinical settings have a lower level of pH which enables them to penetrate deeper into skin layers causing significant skin peeling. These peels have a capability of treating multiple and difficult to treat skin conditions like acne and hyperpigmentation.

However, they require expert eye, training and experience to choose a suitable peel for a particular skin type and condition. Therefore, chemical skin peels treatment should only be performed by a trained cosmetic doctor or practitioner. To have information about skin peels training kindly visit

A chemical peel performed by a trained and qualified aesthetic practitioner will do much more for your skin than at home skin peel treatment.

What are exactly chemical skin peels?

You will find different types of chemical peel treatments on the menu of an aesthetic clinic. Each clinic may have its own chemical formulation of skin peel. Generally put, chemical peels are a solution that has alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acid (BHAs) or both in combination as their active ingredient. The chemical peel solution is applied to the surface of the skin just like a facial mask for few minutes. The chemical agent in the peel dissolves the layer or layers of skin generating a controlled wound or injury which stimulates the natural healing process of the skin. As the dead and damaged skin peels off, new and fresh skin regenerates.

What can chemical peel do for you?

The chemical skin peel treatment can bring about improvements in several skin conditions including the following:

•    Improves your skin texture
•    Increases rate of new skin cells turnover
•    Improves the capability of skin to retain moisture
•    Helps to stimulate production of collagen
•    Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
•    Reduces hyperpigmentation
•    Unclog congested pores and clears acne
•    Improve your complexion and skin tone
•    Make skin softer and smoother
•    Gives a glow to your skin
•    Improve skin scarring

Do not expect dramatic improvements for deep wrinkles and loose skin as these conditions require a different mode of treatment like dermal fillers, lasers etc.

Skin peels are available for nearly all skin types but they work especially well for lighter complexions. The people having darker skin are required to observe more precautions before and after getting a peel treatment because a stronger concentration of chemical peel can aggravate hyperpigmentation leading to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


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