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Sweat Too Much? Try Botox

1.0 Introduction to Botox for Sweating

OnabotulinumtoxinA also known as BOTOX is as a solution which is very effective, but temporary for the underarms and facial sweating.Botox for Sweating is approved by the food and drug administration department, for the patients who are suffering from severe axillary primary hyperhidrosis which is a biological name for the sweating in the underarms, it is used by those who are not relieved by using the antiperspirants. Botox is a toxin which is studied as botulinum throughout the world.

1.1 What exactly the researcher say about using Botox for sweating

Researcher says that for the treatment of sweating in the hands, armpits, ankle, face also known as craniofacial, head and other comparativelyminor body parts (like below the chest region) using onabotulinumtoxinA is nontoxic and operative. When used in the cure of seating of underarms, Botox is been known to show results in an eighty to eighty-seven percentage reduction in sweating. You can start to notice the Outcomesalmost from two to five days after procedure is performed, using the full results mainly noted within the next 2 weeks. Aridnessusually lasts four to twelve months but fewresearch have concluded that it may last up to a period of fourteen months. Additionally, the statistics from well-known research studies has proved that afrequent treatment using the Botox is effective and quite safe for hyperhidrosis, plus itconstantly results intosignificant, long-termenhancements in the patients of excessive sweating, daily working, and improvement in the quality of life expectancy. Treatment using Botox for the purpose to cure hyperhidrosis has similarly been scientifically confirmed to increase on-the-job efficiency.

1.2 Using the Injections containing BOTOX Effectively

Botox can be used in the curing procedure of hyperhidrosis most effectively only when it is used by a medical practitioner who is an expert in this field and have received superior training program from International

Hyperhidrosis Society and is quite familiar with all the procedures. A physician who have a lot of experience in the handling of the Injections can do the procedure within 10 minutes of time to both the underarms.

2.0 How exactly the procedure is carried out?


2.1 Procedures carried out before

It is recommended that before you take the Botox injections you should never shave you’re under arms and many of the doctors will prefer that you should at least have a hair growth of one to two weeks right before the injections of Botox.
During the procedure a very little amount of BOTOX is injected using a very fine needle in the area where sweating mainly occurs, the doctors will examine the area where the injection containing Botox will be placed to decide the volume of BOTOX they need to use during the whole procedure.

2.2 Precautions after the Procedure is done

Right after the procedure is completed and you have received the injections containing BOTOX in the concentrated area you should schedule a consultation with your provider exactly after one or two weeks after the treatment is done, this session with your doctor can be highly useful as it will allow your provider to give a touch-up to the region which may have been left during the treatment of the sweating areas.

3.0 Effectiveness of BOTOX for sweating

3.1 Botox injection for hand sweating:

In the areas related to the palmar region that is hand sweating, studies has shown that Botox is Eighty to Ninety percentage of effectiveness. Repeated injection may be needed after a period of six months. Botox for hand sweating may lead to temporary weakness in the region of hands.

3.2 Botox for sweating in other body parts

The injections that uses Botox works quite well for the sweating of face and head, but there has to be a skilled practitioner with very good knowledge who can perform the procedure effectively without having any kind of side effects like asymmetry of the forehead region, this may happen as the Botox may diffuse into the muscles of face.

4.0 Things to consider before Botox for sweating treatment

Talk to your Primary care physician regarding the sweating and the problems that you have found with your body because of the excessive sweating and identify the main region where you find that you should most appropriately take Botox, learn as much as possible about yourself and your doctor as well to find a right set of treatment for your body.

You might also want yourself to be participating in the clinical trials as the people who enroll themselves in such trials may often receive the service free of cost. Find out whether you have time for such daily routine trials and enroll into it if possible.

You may also have to plan the visits financially as the hyperhidrosis is a medical situation and you might want to check a good Insurance coverage for your regular office visits to the Doctor’s office for consultation and treatment.

There are also needle free treatments you might be interested into, if you have that fear of needles, needle free treatment is the one may want to tryas it do not require any scary needles.


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