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The Stigmas Associated With Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia, male breast enlargement or commonly called Moobs is the heterogeneous development of breast tissues in males which might occur due to various endocrine disorders. Newborn baby boys and adolescents are most prone to developing gynecomastia however, aged men can also face this problem. There are various physiological and pathological causes of gynecomastia.


Gynecomastia is can occur due top hysiological issues like growing age or obesity whereas, the pathological reasons behind the problem is the hormonal imbalance. Men develop pathological gynecomastia when estrogen, which is responsible for the breast tissue growth increases as compared to androgen, which inhibits the breast tissue formation. The causes of hormonal imbalance can be excessive alcohol intake, Congenital absence of testes, anabolic steroids abuse, Kline filter’s syndrome, congenital abnormality, sagging due to rapid weight loss, obesity and androgen resistance.

Health professionals believe that the breast enlargement doesn’t have any harmful effects physically but mentally the repercussions are huge. Psychologically, the effects range from embarrassment to depression. The damage, from this condition,can be devastating if not treated on time.

1. Self-esteem, confidence and body image:
This condition is often developed in boys when they hit puberty. This is the time when the boy is just starting to mature; the deepening of the voice, the increase in hair growth and suddenly he notices that his chest is developing in a way it shouldn’t. At such a vulnerable time for kids, the development of female like breasts makes them the target for ridicule and bullying. Boys with this condition will withdraw from their favourite sports and will most probably withdraw from dating and making close friendships as well. Boys who are already having problems in handling the complexity of relationship can lose their self-confidence and fall into depression.

2. Anxiety and withdrawal:
Grown men who suffer from gynecomastia have more trouble than teenage boys to cope with this condition. Trips to the gym are dreaded because of the fear of being discovered. Unlike teenagers, who are forced by their parents to attend the social events, a grown man can withdraw from the social life altogether. This withdrawal might also lead to eating disorders which cause obesity and depression. Anxiety in grown men can be quite serious and devastating. It is manifested by paranoia, panic attacks and sometimes self-destructing behaviour.


All the above psychological effects of gynecomastia lead us to the solution of the problem: male breasts reduction surgery. The reasons men will opt for this surgery are as follows:

1. Enhances masculinity:
Breasts are a symbol of feminity and for this reason, gynecomastia surgery is believed to enhance masculinity in the patients.

2. Comfort:
Men who have gynecomastia are not comfortable with the increased breasts size. They decline to take off their shirts on places where it is required, in the same way a female who has smaller breasts refuses to wear a bikini. This surgery makes them more comfortable with their body.

3. Self-confidence:

This is the main factor because of which men opt for the gynecomastia surgery. The main effect of this condition is the blatant lack of confidence in the patients which might lead to self-destruction and severe depression. The surgery helps them to regain their lost confidence and also enables them to establish lasting relationships.

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